We provide stunning visual solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical device, educational, and healthcare industries.

Creating customized medical animations and illustrations.

What We’re Up To Now

Here at Motionbirth, we’re extremely proud to work with individuals just like you to bring your fascinating research and discoveries to life.

Most recently, we’ve partnered up with The Human Protein Atlas to create a movie that takes you through the human cell. Check out our scientific animation above, and be moved, animated, and educated.

What We Do

At Motionbirth, we do more than just translate your research and scientific discoveries into captivating 3D graphics. We create scientific animation that helps to educate, captivate, and inspire a need for knowledge through insightful visual elements that are more than just pictures and sketches. In short, we breathe life into your research to elevate it from mere words, to meaningful graphics and fascinating scientific innovation.

Storyboard to Screen

We are committed to your project from the initial storyboard that we create to the stunning finished product that you expect.

Added Value

We help create value for your research and compliment it with fascinating graphics that appear pricy, but truly aren’t.

All the Extras

We don’t just give you a medical animation. We give you the works, including a voice over, sound track, and more.

Groundbreaking Graphics

We elevate your sketches and pictures and transform them into stunning 3D graphics that capture the essence of your research.

True Collaboration

Our collaborative process means that you will receive clips and sketches throughout the project from beginning to end.

What Our Clients Say


Tove Alm, The Human Protein Atlas

We were looking to do a movie of the human cell for our release of the Cell Atlas, a database of images showing where proteins are found in the human body. In the collaboration with Motionbirth our ideas were transformed into a fantastic 3D movie where the images from our database were nicely integrated. Motionbirth took our ideas to a new level, and we were amazed by their creative work and feeling for details. The movie is absolutely marvelous, we are so pleased with the result!

Helleday Laboratories

Thomas Helleday, Helleday Laboratory

We wanted to make a movie because many have no time to read scientific reports in detail any more. We very lucky to come across Hans Grindal and his team, who really take scientific story telling to a new level. It was fantastically easy to work with Hans and he really grasped all molecular details at once and managed to really convert our ideas into a fantastic movie. The result was perfect and delivered right in time and we are fantastically grateful to his unique skill set!

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    Tell stories!

    We will be happy to illustrate them for you.

We are a group of experienced medical designers and animators
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Your Video in Real Life

What if you could see, feel, and touch amazing elements from your video in real life? While it seems unimaginable, now, you can. Motionbirth now offers you the ability to print key aspects from your video and more in countless materials including sterling silver, steel, brass, ceramics, and plastic, among others.

Of course, this groundbreaking technology can be used for more than just your videos. In fact, our premier 3D printing services can be used to create stunning figurines, jewelry, and other objects. The only limitations to what we can accomplish is in the realms of your imagination.

At Motionbirth, our relentless drive towards innovation defines our ability to create stunning scientific animations. Now, we have taken this a step further with 3D printing techniques that can give your research new life as well.

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Who We Are

At Motionbirth, we strive to capture the purpose of your insightful research and discoveries through striking scientific animation that educates and inspires others to pursue further knowledge in the industry. Through the use of stunning 3D visualization, our medical animations visualize what your research cannot accomplish on its own, creating graphics that resonate with those who watch it and inspire a fascination in science that we know to be so important.

By establishing a collaborative relationship with you, we are committed to providing you with nothing less than the best. This is why Motionbirth is so highly regarded by all who work with us, due to our ability to translate your words, sketches, and other thoughts into 3D graphics that are truly inspirational to all who see them.

Be moved, animated, and educated like never before with our scientific animation abilities, and see just how good your research or other scientific discoveries can look.

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We find inspiration in the marvelous spiral

The logarithmic spiral was first descriped by Descartes and later extensively investigated by Jacob Bernoulli, who called it Spira mirabilis: The mark has a resemblace to star clusters in a spiral galaxy and molekules in a DNA string.

The spiral can be found on every level of creation. In the shell of the chambered nautilus, the center of sunflowers. From the rings of Saturn to living cells.