Congratulations to Dr. Thomas Helleday from the team at Motionbirth!

Dr. Helleday recently received the Swedish Cancer Society’s yearly award for his outstanding work to find treatments for breast and ovarian cancers. Dr. Helleday is a true bench-to-bedside scientist. His basic research focuses on understanding DNA repair, replication, and transcription. His lab of more than 70 scientists from 22 countries uses this knowledge to develop [...]

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Dr. Richard Dawkins – Science in Everyday Life

Prior to the 2015 Nobel Prize ceremony, evolutionary biologist Dr. Richard Dawkins gave an interview discussing the role of science in everyday life. Dr. Dawkins has written many popular books, including The Selfish Gene and The Blind Watchmaker. In this recent interview, he advocated for promoting the wonder, beauty, and importance of science. He recommended [...]

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Motionbirth brings your research to life using 3D animation

We provide stunning visual solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical device, education and healthcare industry. Creating customized medical animations and illustrations. Have you sketched your scientific model on a napkin at a conference dinner and wished that you were a better artist? Or have you waved your hands futilely trying to show how two or more [...]

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