Event: New updates in Drug Formulation & Bioavailability (DK)

Join us, Motionbirth, at the New Updates in Drug Formulation & Bioavailability Meeting (March 30, 2016, Medicon Valley Alliance, Edvard Thomsens Vej 14, Ørestaden). This meeting is organized by Kemivärlden Biotech med Kemisk Tidskrift/Journal of Chemistry & Biotechnology and moderated Korbinian Löbmann, who has assembled an exciting line up of speakers.

New-updates-in-Drug-FormulationAt Motionbirth, we’re committed to partnering with researchers in various fields and helping them to share their discoveries with the world. We’d love to hear about your science and share how we can convert your exciting data into an amazing animation that will inspire and educate viewers. Our spectacular animations make it easy to explain complex processes like how critical medicines are synthesized or how these medicines work in a cell. Wouldn’t you love to have a video showing how your molecule acts in vivo? Or how alterations in its structure can change how it’s absorbed into a tissue? These animations make it easy to share complicated ideas with a diverse audience, which may include lay people, governmental officials, and investors that have a limited scientific background. They’re also a great way to share a succinct research summary with colleagues.
Please meet up with us in person at the meeting or contact us at info@motionbirth.com; we’d love to chat about your science and share how our experienced animators at Motionbirth can create a beautiful video that makes your science come alive. Captivated viewers will be engaged in your research story, moved by the science, and understand the potential impact that your discoveries could have on the world!

We are looking forward to see you at

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