Congratulations to Dr. Thomas Helleday from the team at Motionbirth!

Dr. Helleday recently received the Swedish Cancer Society’s yearly award for his outstanding work to find treatments for breast and ovarian cancers.

Dr. Helleday is a true bench-to-bedside scientist. His basic research focuses on understanding DNA repair, replication, and transcription. His lab of more than 70 scientists from 22 countries uses this knowledge to develop treatments for cancer. One example includes the development of MTH1 inhibitors.

How do MTH1 inhibitors work? Briefly, cancer cells live in an environment that causes oxidative stress, which damages the building blocks of DNA. If this damage isn’t repaired, then toxic DNA damage occurs in cancer cells, which ultimately kills them. Dr. Helleday and his lab have developed a molecule that inhibits MTH1, an enzyme needed by cancer cells to fix the damaged DNA building blocks. Importantly, healthy non-cancerous cells don’t need MTH1, so this inhibitor specifically targets cancer cells.

This amazing research story is shown in the following video that we made together with Dr. Helleday.

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While the bulk of the Helleday Laboratory’s research has focused on treating breast and ovarian cancers that are caused by mutations in the BRCA genes, they want to expand their research and develop treatments for other types of cancer such as prostate cancers. Stay tuned for more exciting data from the Helleday Laboratory! Congratulations again to Dr. Helleday and his team for their outstanding scientific contributions to the cancer field. The team at Motionbirth and many others can’t wait to hear about your next big discovery! And we are super happy we had the chance to work with Dr. Helleday on the MTH1 video!

Visit for more information about Dr. Helleday’s research[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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