Dr. Richard Dawkins – Science in Everyday Life

Prior to the 2015 Nobel Prize ceremony, evolutionary biologist Dr. Richard Dawkins gave an interview discussing the role of science in everyday life. Dr. Dawkins has written many popular books, including The Selfish Gene and The Blind Watchmaker. In this recent interview, he advocated for promoting the wonder, beauty, and importance of science. He recommended that scientists routinely leave their labs and devote time to sharing the “beauty of science” with others. He emphasised that scientists should be less formal when sharing their research and take advantage of current media outlets such as television and radio to make science approachable.

Further, Dr. Dawkins suggested that science should be incorporated into our culture; science should enrich not just our daily lives with technological advances that make our lives easier, but our spirits as well. Many in society have lost their wonder of science and scientists need to share their exciting discoveries to revitalize the enthusiasm for science. Video storytelling is a phenomenal way to educate and excite people about scientific research, because videos engages multiple senses and can easily convey complex models and ideas. Video storytelling is a powerful tool that allows scientists to communicate effectively with laypeople, such as investors, and to stimulate their interest in a project. The artists and animators at Motionbirth love to work with researchers to synthesise beautiful and informative videos. These visual narratives can be used to impart knowledge to peers, to market a recent discovery to investors, and to excite the general public with the wonders of science.

Thanks to Dr. Dawkins for the scientific storytelling video sales pitch!

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