Merging Science and Hollywood

This is one segment in a series of posts about scientific storytelling.  These posts focus on the use of storytelling as an effective means of sharing, teaching, and marketing science to anyone. Storytelling is a wonderful way to convey complex ideas in a memorable manner.

interstellar_scientistMillions of people watch movies and the releases of some movies, such as Star Wars, are avidly anticipated by fans. Recent movies including Gravity (2013), Interstellar (2014), and The Martian (2015) have relied heavily on scientific solutions to solve the characters’ dilemmas. For example, in Interstellar, characters communicate using gravity and travel through wormholes to save their world. In both Gravity and The Martian, stranded astronauts use their knowledge and limited resources to get back to Earth. In The Martian, a scientist uses his expertise to generate water from leftover rocket fuel and poop to grow potatoes as a food source after being abandoned on Mars. These popular movies, which were enjoyed by millions of people, incorporated scientific concepts and principles and showed that science can be engaging to a diverse audience of lay people. The key to making science approachable and fascinating to a multitude of people is to use storytelling, just like they do in movies.

Many brilliant researchers struggle when trying to share their knowledge with others. What would happen if these scientists made their own movies and used them to explain their research? Would these scientific movies inspire and fascinate viewers? Absolutely! Scientific storytelling is a great way to share information in a memorable way and makes it easy to explain dynamic and complex models. Because storytelling is an ancient art used before written text, it is unsurprising that humans remember and understand stories better than facts alone. Additionally, videos engage multiple senses, which makes them an appealing to many people.

Wouldn’t you love to make a video that showcases your research accomplishments and shows how this knowledge is beneficial? Hans Grindal, the founder of Motionbirth, has assembled an amazing team of artists and designers that are fascinated by the life sciences.  This team of experts would love to help you create an exciting video that inspires and mesmerizes both lay people and scientific peers. Wouldn’t it be great to have fans avidly await your next movie release?

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